Toruń. A magical city. Gothic red brick monuments, an incredible panorama of the Old Town, the two market squares, Vistula river, Nicolaus Copernicus, the Teutonic Knights, gingerbread, angels, university, culture, art, beautiful legends… These are the first associations with Toruń that come to mind.
It’s a small, charming student town. One of the oldest Polish cities where history mixes with the present. In Toruń you can meet artists, scientists, students and countless tourists from all over the world. Everyone admires the architecture while looking for inspiration, relaxing, enjoying the atmosphere of the city, listening to its sounds.
Toruń is a city with a number of beautiful historic buildings. Without doubt, these are definitely worth seeing: The Old Market with Gothic Old Town Hall, neo-RenaissanceArtus Court, Gothic churches, the remains of medieval urban fortifications, among which we find a Leaning Tower, tilted from the vertical by 140 cm. You also can’t forget about the bronze Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus, and the House of Copernicus, which now hosts a museum. Especially pay attention to the angels, they are everywhere!
Gingerbreads are an integral symbol of the city, and that's why you must try them! To learn about our gingerbread tradition you should visit two places: the exhibition "World of Toruń gingerbread" presented in the House of Copernicus and also try to make your own gingerbread in the Museumof Gingerbread. Toruń is a city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our Old Town Hall Square achieved the third place of the Polish edition of a National Geographic contest for the 30 most beautiful places in the world.
There are several cinemas and theaters operating in Toruń, including: Cinema City (multiplex), Summer Cinema (open in summer, shows films in the open air), the drama theater Wilam Horzyca, and the children's theater BAJ Pomorski. It’s also worth to visit the Toruń Planetarium and Orbitarium.
Among the many festivals held in the city there are: the International Lights Festival SKYWAY, The International Film Festival TOFIFEST, International Theatre Festival CONTACT, International Festival of Christian Music SONG OF SONGS and Toruń Festival of Science and Arts. Especially, we invite you to visit Toruń during the last weekend of September, because at that time takes place the event called: Toruń for half the price - many hotels, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, cultural and sporting institutions lower the prices of their products or services by 50%. 
Toruń is beautiful during the day, but is also amazing at night when the illumination brightens the city walls. The Panorama of the city has a special charm, and therefore is considered one of the "Seven Wonders of Poland". But Toruń doesn’t mean only monuments and museums. When walking around the Old Town you can find a lot of clubs and pubs full of students. One of the most popular serves beer for 2 zł!
Toruń is full of life, especially after dark - the active academic life of the city is the reason for which there is something going on here almost 24 hours a day.