In Toruń there are trams and buses. We mostly use buses, even the night ones, but Toruń is a quite small city and taking a taxi is very cheap. Taxi drivers offer a special discount card for students with 10% off. During the day travelling by bus is very convenient, especially that university buildings are in the close neighborhood of the main line buses. In Toruń there are no time tickets. There are only one-time use tickets with a normal price 2,80 PLN and 1,40 PLN with a student ID (until the age of 26 years of the student), price for night buses is double - 5,60 PLN and 2,80 PLN. You can also buy a bus pass for 10 trips for a lower price than 10 tickets separately, or a monthly season ticket which costs 48 PLN (for students) and is valid for all daily lines. Unfortunately, Toruń doesn’t have a municipal airport but it is surrounded by 3 airports in 3 different cities (Bydgoszcz – the closest airport, Gdańsk – 3 hours by train and Warsaw - also 3 hours).  You can also get to Toruń with Polski Bus.