'Tandem Language Exchange is an informal way of learning and practising foreign languages for students at UMK
We meet up once a week in the Student Union Building and teach/learn languages while enjoying some nice beers.


  • - Tandem is something for you who want to exchange language in a relaxed environment.
  • - Tandem is for you, who want to improve your Introduction-Course-Swedish or refresh your rusty high school Spanish.
  • - Tandem is for you, who are preparing to go abroad.
  • - Tandem is for you, who want to meet new people and exchange languages and culture.
  • - Tandem is for all!

No desk, no textbook, no exams and no pressure.

Tandem works as following: once decided which language(s) you would like to acquire and which language(s) you would like to tutor, you will be assigned to a partner, or a small group, whose language learning and teaching interests match yours! You will then become Tandem Partners, and practice your two languages during our once-a-week Language Workshops. It's up to you and your Tandem mate(s) if you want to catch up during the rest of the week!