Problems of Recognition In Making Erasmus


PRIME is a project created by Erasmus Student Network, an European students organisation, whose purpose is to demonstrate the existing obstacles to the mobility of students and to suggest possible areas for improvement. The main method for obtaining the data in the field of exchanges in the LLP Erasmus Programme was research (surveys) conducted among students and offices of the foreign exchanges at universities throughout Europe.

In 2009, the first edition, the PRIME project was attended by over 100 higher education institutions from 24 countries and nearly 2 400 students on international exchange.

The second edition of the project, like the first, has received the patronage and financial support of the European Commission as a unique and key project taking care of this subject. Research focused on three levels: National Agencies, Higher Education and Students to obtain a wider and more thorough review to identify sources of problems, best practices and success.

The main scope of the research was cover:

  • Providing students with information about exchanges in the LLP Erasmus Programme;
  • The use of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) in European universities;
  • The process of negotiating and signing the "Learning Agreement";
  • Recognition of learning outcomes acquired abroad, the role of the Learning Agreement in this process and the parties involved, showing common problems;
  • System and methods of transferring evaluations;