Are you ready for one of the best parties on your life?!!
Because on Sunday the 25th of October COMES OUR LEGENDARY TRAM PARTY!!!!!

We were able to get a tram to ourselves to party on, we party throughout Toruń for 1 hours +/- then end the night at No.1.

Don’t miss this experience!

All of this is for 10zł.
(Price includes entry for the party-Tram and entry to the Club)

*You can and should bring your own alcohol to the Tram Party take bear in can and if you want vodka take it in plastic bottle <no glass>; you cannot buy any alcohol on the tram itself. 
We will offer a good music and a legendary event!
*Tickets are very limited so hurry up and register!!
*Metting point next to Dorm 11 at 21.30 don't be late, because we need get to tram depot on time. 

Looking forward to see you for an unforgettable night :)

25/10/2015 - 21:30