Have you ever wanted to take part in international sport competition? If yes, now you have this chance. Sign up and be part of great event which is ESNOLYMPICS! 
First, there is local elimination, where teams from Toruń and Bydgoszcz will compete for qualification to the national competition in Warsaw! Sounds like fun, isn't it? 

In Warsaw teams have to take part in 4 disciplines:
-> futsal
-> volleyball
-> swimming
-> basketball

In local competition we will focus on futsal! But all depends on you! :)

One team may have only 11 players, including AT LEAST two girls.

Important dates:
March, 6 – Toruń vs. Bydgoszcz competition
March, 21-22 – Nationwide Final. Warsaw University of Life Sciences
March, 28-29 – Krakow

If you don't wanna miss this event and be part of ESNOLYMPICS, don't wait - sign up!

Don't worry if you don't have a team! Just write this in the form, we will try to group people without a team!
You can also write on the wall your information about looking for a team!

Who will win Bydgoszcz or Torun? You have to defend the honor of your city!

Let the game begin! :)

Recrutation from 24.02 to 2.03

Second stage of competition in Warsaw costs 140zł for one person (transportation and hotel are included in prize)